A good smile (「笑顔」を英訳)

A good smile

In Japan its in the middle of season for taking entrance exams. After so many hardships and struggles, each ones spring begins in April.

I remember how much and how long I was depressed after I entered my university. Probably anyone could have found it to see my face when I trudged up the way to the campus.

Although I know its so rude especially to my schoolmates and others at the university I graduated from, I write the following honestly. Inside, I always muttered I didnt have to study so much or make such an elaborate plan just to enter this university. However I confess another thing here too. I always pretended not to notice my deepest wish.

I often saw students on campus laugh so cheerfully and from the bottom of their hearts. That made me depressed every time. Those days I was doubtful whether I could smile a good smile again someday. 15 years has passed since my graduation.

As long as you keep your wish to smile a good smile, you dont forget to smile a good smile.

Now thats my core philosophy and I would like to stay tenacious in holding it.